Introducing data residency for global customers

Introducing data residency for global customers

The way you manage data matters in delivering a trusted, reliable customer experience.

For global organizations, part of managing data involves controlling where it is stored geographically. And, with more than 400,000 companies (including 80% of the Fortune 100) powering workflows in Airtable, increasing their governance of mission-critical data has never been more important.

Whether it’s to adhere to internal policies, or to meet government or third-party requirements, Airtable customers can now choose to store their data in Europe. Enterprise customers are able to connect their most important workflows in Airtable, while adhering to internal company policies and local regulations.

Connecting global teams 

Airtable Enterprise customers are now able to store their data in servers hosted in Germany, as opposed to relying on data centers in the U.S. These customers can build apps in Airtable—and freely share data between teams and workflows—with the knowledge that their data is being stored within the EU. 

What data will be stored?  Airtable application data will be stored in servers in Frankfurt, Germany, while backup data will be stored in Dublin, Ireland. 

Who can benefit? European data residency is available to customers on Enterprise Scale. Simply get in touch with your account team to learn more.

Data residency is just one of the ways we’re continuing our commitment to European customers.

  • London office: In January 2022, Airtable opened the doors to its first international office, based in London. Since then, companies like DPG Media and Monzo Bank have found new ways to use Airtable to increase business impact—from delivering news across Europe to transforming the UK’s financial sector.

  • Annual events: Airtable runs an annual event in London for European customers. Hundreds of Airtable champions—from tech startups to global enterprises—gather to share tips, talk operations, and hear about the future of Airtable from our company leaders.

  • Localization: Airtable is now localized in French, German, and Spanish. We are continuing to find new ways to provide greater support to our customers across Europe. 

To find out more about EU Data Residency, dig into our support documentation and read more about FAQs. 

With more than 200,000 new users joining every month, Airtable is supporting business processes and complex workflows for some of the worlds largest enterprises.

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