Launching a faster, simpler, more secure way to unlock AI and transform business growth

Launching a faster, simpler, more secure way to unlock AI and transform business growth

Instantly unlock new opportunities for growth and creativity by embedding AI across your organization’s workflows.

AI is revolutionizing the way organizations operate. Whether it’s pulling insights to shape the product roadmap, or creating briefs for global marketing campaigns, incorporating AI across your most critical processes will propel your business forward.  

But for many companies, effectively implementing AI across end-to-end operations proves a challenge. Few AI tools meet teams' specific needs or sync with existing systems of record—increasing manual work and deepening silos. And companies rightly want to ensure that their most prized information stays secure and isn't used to train AI models. 

Now, Airtable is helping teams unlock AI where they’re already working and build on the data that lives securely in Airtable. The goal is to not only help teams move quickly, but to help them move together in the right direction.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) uses Airtable AI to deliver better experiences for customers

"AWS teams have used Airtable to streamline and accelerate our marketing workflows," said Jonathan Laniado, Senior Automation Manager for Amazon Web Services (AWS), which was an early beta tester and partner on Airtable AI via Amazon Bedrock.

"As one of Airtable Al's early customers, we leverage Airtable Al on Amazon Bedrock to further enhance and automate processes."

Airtable has enabled AWS to quickly build the frontends and backends of internal applications, which are now integrated with generative AI—no code or engineering resources necessary. 

"Now, AWS marketing teams are delivering better experiences to its customers thanks to the boost in workflows in productivity," said Jonathan.

Use Airtable AI to uncover insights, generate content, and summarize data in the same place you’re already working

With Airtable AI, companies can transform their end-to-end operations at scale, unlocking new opportunities for revenue growth and creative impact. 

Airtable AI allows you to: 

  • Summarize and discover new insights — Get to the point, faster. Airtable AI rapidly parses large datasets and surfaces the most relevant information.
  • Categorize information — Action your data easily. Tag and organize information according to theme, sentiment, product feature, use case, and more.
  • Generate content —Create a first draft in seconds. Spend your time iterating, editing, and polishing the right message to compel your audience to act. 
  • Translate all languages — Go borderless with every initiative. Translate data from one language to another instantly, at scale, without additional resources or workback plans.
  • Route work-in-progress — Uncover smarter operations. Identify collaborators, link related projects, and match your work to initiatives across the org. 

5 ways to transform business processes with Airtable AI 

1. Summarize and extract insights

When a company’s critical information is already stored in Airtable, Airtable AI can summarize information and surface relevant insights. It will quickly analyze unstructured data like customer feedback or meeting transcripts, and summarize the most relevant opportunities to make the information easier to act on and share. 

Let's take the customer feedback example: Airtable AI can take thousands of social comments or transcripts from customer calls to give you a high-level understanding of what people are saying about your brand or product—in seconds. It can also identify opportunities for growth and revenue, for example: Make the search bar more responsive and reduce customer churn by 30%. 

2. Categorize information 

If you’re running operations in Airtable, you’re already thinking about organizing the data that fuels your most critical workflows. Airtable AI makes data segmentation a breeze by automatically categorizing data according to theme, sentiment, product feature, and more. In addition to applying existing tags, Airtable AI can review content and add categories based on its analysis. 

Expanding on the customer feedback example: If you aggregate thousands of transcripts of customer calls, you can ask Airtable AI to categorize each call according to sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) and group the data accordingly. This rapid analysis frees teams to focus on actioning the data, rather than organizing it. 

3. Generate content 

When you’re launching a campaign across different channels—let's say, a new product announcement to share on your blog, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and via a press release—Airtable AI can create custom content for each of those channels, instantly. 

It pulls from the messaging, product, and audience information you already have living in Airtable. And it will adjust the tone and character count according to the parameters you set.

This rapid content creation frees marketing teams to focus on polishing the right message—as opposed to drafting from scratch. You’re able to respond more quickly to changing market conditions, and you can capture the moment ahead of your competitors. 

Another example: If you're managing thousands of customer relationships, Airtable AI can generate personalized emails for each prospective client using the data you've already connected in Airtable.

4. Translate to the languages your audiences use

Translating any type of content—marketing assets, product descriptions, internal communications, and more—just got simpler. Airtable AI can take your content and instantly translate it across virtually any language or locale. But, rather than just translating from English to Spanish, Airtable AI can translate copy from English to Mexican Spanish specifically, with a friendly, consumer-oriented voice and tone.

This hyper-local approach makes your content immediately relevant to your target audience, and produces a much more accurate and compelling translation compared to other solutions. 

Pro tip: You can prompt Airtable AI to flag any phrases that would benefit from a fact check. It will alert you when there’s a tricky or potentially problematic phrase that a human should look at before publishing.

5. Route work in progress 

Let's say you’re managing an organization’s creative production and you’re already tracking asset requests, in-progress work, and the team’s capabilities in Airtable. Now, Airtable AI can help you respond to requests faster by automatically suggesting the right person for a given project, based on their skillset match.  

This routing function helps you identify stakeholders and link projects across the org. It frees managers to focus on driving value for the business, as opposed to spending their time triaging stakeholder requests or connecting work between teams. 

What you need to know about Airtable AI

How to get started

​​If you’re on a paid self-serve plan, you have access to a limited number of AI credits each month to test out Airtable AI. If you need more credits, you can purchase the AI add-on, which allows you to use AI at scale. Enterprise customers should talk with their account team to get access to Airtable AI.

For all customers, a workspace admin or Enterprise Admin needs to enable AI for the organization. While users will see that AI functionality exists, they won’t be able to access it without an administrator’s approval. Enterprise Admins also have more granular control over the workspaces in which AI is enabled.


Airtable protects the privacy and security of our customers' data. No customer data is retained by our vendors or used to train current or future large language models (LLMs). 

Additionally, Enterprise customers can choose from different LLMs for Airtable AI. These include Open AI’s GPT models, and Anthropic’s Claude models via Amazon Bedrock, a service where models are hosted in the Amazon Web Services environment. 


Airtable AI is an add-on feature that is available to customers with paid Airtable licenses. A per user cost gives you access to credits to use across your team to access AI functionality. If you need more credits to run large numbers of AI requests, you can purchase a credit pack to access additional credits. See for more information.

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