New ways to strengthen your most important workflows

New ways to strengthen your most important workflows

Empower employees to spin up workflows quickly, deep dive into data, and incorporate best practices into their most critical business processes.

Managing employee workload, accelerating your pace of execution, and deeply understanding your team’s performance are essential to increasing the impact of your day-to-day work. Whether you’re launching a new product, or leading your company in a sweeping change, incorporating project management best practices will help you uncover insights and improve efficiencies throughout these critical workflows. 

With these best practices in mind, Airtable’s newest product features make it easy for you to meet—and surpass—your business goals. You can spin up new workflows, identify gaps in strategy and resourcing, and make sound decisions according to critical, connected data. 

Here’s what’s new in the Airtable platform. 

Manage tasks, resources, and dependencies with new project management features

Projects and tasks are just the beginning. The true unlock comes when you incorporate project management into critical, cross-functional workflows. 

A collection of new Airtable project management features helps you streamline complex processes and connect entire departments:

  • View activities against timelines: New Gantt capabilities in Timeline view allows you to manage timelines and dependencies from your Airtable Interface, streamlining project management and giving leadership and cross-functional stakeholders a high-level understanding of in-flight projects.
  • Manage workload across the team: Managing workload across the team is also easier, as you can preview each team members’ utilization (current workload) before you assign a task. The utilization field calculates based on: the start and end dates of the task you’re assigning; the number of projects already assigned to that individual; and the effort required for that specific task.
  • Keep activities on time and in sequence: This new feature keeps everyone aligned on the sequence of activities, no matter which view they’re working in or which part of the process they’re responsible for. We've released an update to ensure all dependency rules are immediately respected anywhere you can edit data—in a base, list, or record detail page.

To seamlessly start using these project management features, we’ve built two new templates for tracking projects and allocating resources

Spin up new workflows quickly with App Quick Start

Whether you’re planning marketing campaigns or starting a research project, our new App Quick Start feature will ensure your most critical workflows are efficient and connected from the get-go. Best practices are built into this implementation flow, protecting your team from falling into silos, duplicating data, or getting bogged down in repetitive tasks. 

App Quick Start allows anyone to immediately build apps to power some of the most popular workflows run in Airtable including marketing and creative production, product development, project management, IT and support, and UX research. Now, you can move past the blank canvas of an Airtable base and kickstart problem solving across the org. 

Track progress and performance with new dashboard layouts

Gain deeper insight into your data and the way your team is performing with our refreshed layouts for interfaces. These dashboard layouts display data in a digestible way, offering everyone from cross-functional partners to company leaders a high-level overview of progress against goals. 

Plus, new interface capabilities (like the element drill down feature) allow you to dig further into the data to uncover hidden trends and opportunities—all from the same, user-friendly interface. 

Connect critical data from Snowflake and Workday 

Airtable Enterprise customers can now sync information in real time from other critical systems including Workday and Snowflake. Connecting accurate information from disparate sources in Airtable ensures your team is working with the most relevant and up-to-date information at all times. 

This new update will fuel your daily workflows with data on performance, budget, and employee wellbeing—allowing you to make smarter decisions, faster.

Increase security and compliance

We know that data security and compliance are top priorities. Enterprise customers can now customize how long Airtable stores your apps’ revision histories and enables you to create standardized policies for handling inactive apps.

For more information on the latest Airtable product features, head to our community, guides, and support articles

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