Take a look at our new mobile views
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Take a look at our new mobile views

With new ways to create, edit, and see views on mobile, it’s easier than ever before to move work forward from anywhere.

You’ve got a lot of data that you want to use but you’ve yet to find a solution for sorting through it. Maybe you’ve patched together something with traditional spreadsheets, but you’ve found that you’re locked into a single rigid view. Or maybe you’ve tried to use an older database solution, but your SQL skills aren’t great and you’ve seen enough error messages for a lifetime. And after all that, you’re still left with rows and rows of data so that you’re out of the loop and unsure of what matters—and what needs your immediate attention.

With Airtable views, you can quickly sort through everything and only see what matters, even if that changes from moment to moment. Prefer to see work organized in a kanban framework? Need to see details next to documents you’ve attached? Want to do that without coding? With Airtable, it’s easy.

While you’ve always been able to create, customize, and see these views on desktop, you haven’t always been able to do that on your mobile device. We’re excited to share that you can manage new views on the go (even if you only get as far as the couch these days).

Find what you need to know, on the go

Maybe you’ve worked with databases in the past and you understand why they’re powerful, but always seeing your entire database isn’t helpful or productive. Sometimes the clearest way to get a sense of what’s happening is to filter the information so that you only see what’s most pressing. Filtering your data becomes even more important as the screen gets smaller. With views, you can easily create a repeatable way to sort data: Whether you want to remove a series of records or make attachments more easily visible. And now, when you switch to mobile, you’ll be able to see your work arranged in a kanban board or gallery view.

How to use views on mobile

You already have data in your base, so now it’s just a matter of finding and creating the view that works best for you.

You can easily see, edit, or create a new view by tapping the dropdown on the upper-left side of your screen. Once you’ve created a new view, it will continue to be available in the view menu.

New! Kanban views

If you want to see your work organized by stage—from backlog to complete—you’re now able to do so on iOS. Move work through each phase with just a drag, and rest assured that everything is being tracked, whether you’re viewing it from your kitchen table, your couch, or in a museum. (Coming soon on Android.)

If you want to create, edit, or simply view a kanban board you’ve already created, tap the “View” menu in the upper left of your Airtable app.

When you’ve got lots of images, documents, or more attached to records in Airtable, gallery view is a great way to see them in one place, with the context you need to move work forward. Available on iOS and Android now.

To view, edit, or create a gallery view on mobile, tap the upper left “View” menu.

Using grid views on mobile

Grid view is the default view for most of your data and has been a core part of our mobile app since its launch. A grid view is great when you want to see everything in your database, organized by row and column. This view is the standard way to see all of your data and a grid view is one way to easily filter your data with a single click.

To switch to or create a grid view, simply tap the upper-left menu on your mobile device and select “Grid view.”

See the data you need—now

These new mobile views are available on all Airtable plans, so you can start to use the views you need today. With a few taps, you can switch to grid, gallery, or kanban—whether your desktop is feet or miles away.

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