List View: your questions, answered
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List View: your questions, answered

We answered some of our Community’s most frequently asked questions about this project-oriented view type.

You might’ve stumbled upon List View while exploring view types in your base or elements in your interface. Or, maybe, you checked out our video and want to learn more.

In our Tool Tips video below, we answered our Community’s burning questions about List View, Airtable’s view type that makes creating and managing hierarchical data (like projects and tasks) easier.

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By seeing your data in one place, linked together, teams can better understand how their work is connected–and your leaders can get a clear overview of that work.

Q: When would I use List View over Grid View?

A: How is List View different from, say, grouping records in a Grid View, you ask? The biggest difference is that List View lets you view fields from multiple tables, making it ideal for context-heavy projects. Let’s say you have a product launch to manage. With List View, you can pull in your launch date field from one table, and status and assignee fields from another.

Q: How do I set up a List View in a base vs. an interface?

A: To configure a List View in a base, you’ll first need to figure out which table will contain your lowest record level. It’s in this table that you’ll set up your List View. In an interface, on the other hand, you can start with any table you want.

Q: What happens if one of my parent sections doesn’t have any records?

A: Got an empty section you don’t need at the moment? There’s a toggle that lets you show or hide empty sections. Hide a section with no associated records beneath it to clean up the look of your List View.

Watch our video above for details (and see List View in action!).

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