Six templates to aid product ops teams during a software outage
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Six templates to aid product ops teams during a software outage

When your software goes down, Airtable can help.

There are few things more disruptive than a software or service outage. And that’s doubly true for product operations teams who rely on services to track an immense catalog of workflows, bugs, and tickets.

Thankfully, Airtable is flexible—and intuitive—enough to help product ops teams get back on their feet. Whether you’re in a pinch or looking for a new long-term solution, these six templates can help you get started, fast.

> Learn how Airtable can help track your ongoing product delivery.

Product Ops for Teams Template

Streamline and unify each stage of product development with this template, built for small-to-medium teams.

Product Ops for Orgs Template

Ready to scale this across multiple teams or even your entire organization? Follow along in our org-wide Product Operations template here.

Bug Tracker Template

Bugs don’t just disappear when your bug-tracking software stops working. This bug tracking system is ideal for QA analysts, test engineers, or any fast-moving team that needs a collaborative issue tracker to keep them on task.

Product Roadmap Template

This product roadmap template will let you customize and tailor your plans to meet your needs, enabling you and your team to monitor progress and stay agile each step of the way.

Issue Tracking Template (with web clipper)

Staying on top of your product’s bugs and issues doesn't have to be complicated. Make bug tracking easier than ever with this template, which features the web clipper block so your QA team can log issues and assign product fixes on the fly.

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