3 ways to create more intuitive interfaces
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3 ways to create more intuitive interfaces

Seamless collaboration is possible with these Interface Designer tips.

You’ve just created an interface to streamline work for your team. But like all new things, getting started takes time. One way to shorten the learning curve for your colleagues? Add features specifically designed to make collaborating easy.

Interface Designer offers countless ways to make your interfaces more intuitive for collaborators, from varying layout types and elements, to granular permissions.

Here are 3 tips  to get team members on board:

  • Add a comment element: Boost collaboration in your interface by surfacing comments. Collaborators can ask questions, see conversations surrounding records, and add their own feedback easily.
  • Make field names specific and detailed: In Interface Designer, updating a field’s name won’t change the information in your base’s data layer. Make your field name slightly more detailed or add instructions so collaborators have additional context.
  • Create individual views: Automatically filter data based on the user accessing the interface. Team members will only see the work that applies to them, saving time they’d spend sifting through a long list of items.

Ready to drive work forward? Jump into Interface Designer and use these tips to get collaborators on board quickly.

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