The future of marketing is no-code

The future of marketing is no-code

Today’s marketing teams need to be more innovative than ever—our ebook explains how no-code apps can help.

“No-code”—you’ve likely heard this buzzy term thrown around a lot lately, especially as it concerns marketing. But what is it, and where is this buzz coming from?

In Airtable’s latest ebook, we chronicle the rise of the “no-code marketer,” detail its advantages for marketing teams, and explain how marketing leaders are using no-code to build their custom workflows.

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What is no-code for marketing teams?

“No-code” applications refer to tools that let individuals build software applications without needing to know how to code. Before no-code, teams had two options when it came to marketing tools: have their IT teams create something, or buy off-the-shelf tools that may not have perfectly met their needs.

Now, marketing teams can utilize the accessibility of no-code to support their unique workflows, and this third option isn’t going anywhere: no- and low-code industry spending is expected to increase to $22 billion by 2022, according to Forester.

How your marketing team can use no-code

Generally, marketing teams today are using no-code to:

  • Sync data to one source of truth: Marketing teams know there are a lot of working parts in their workflows, from CRM reports to social media schedules. With no-code, teams can connect all of their data with a single source of truth, so any changes made to one place will update everywhere else.
  • Build logic on top of data: No-code logic can be harnessed easily to automate manual tasks, saving marketing teams time and cutting down on repetitive work. Teams can create automations that notify other team members, publish content, or make updates to their database.
  • Draw insights from data: Marketers can use no-code in the form of data visualization apps to pull and share data between themselves and others within the organization. No need to rely on developers for custom reports.

No-code apps can support marketers at every stage, from planning to production to asset management. For example, no-code can sync team budgets and resources to OKRs. And automations can handle all of the administrative stuff so marketers can focus on producing at rapid speed.

So why no-code?

In the current landscape of distributed work, no-code connects all of your information so everyone can stay aligned (no more silos or duplicated data).

Because you don’t need specialized knowledge to build no-code apps, marketing teams have the power to build and customize apps. Your team knows your work the best, and with the tools in your own hands, they can create their own processes and quick fixes for anything blocking their way. You also have the flexibility to make updates as your team scales.

Now that’s what we call growth.

Ready to embrace no-code? Download Airtable’s ebook today for tips on getting started and usher in a new era for your marketing team.

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