Celebrating Latin & Hispanic Heritage Month with SAP

Celebrating Latin & Hispanic Heritage Month with SAP

This year, Airtable’s Commemorative Observance team is excited to wrap up Latin & Hispanic Month by sharing the story of one of the amazing organizations out there powered by Airtable: SAP!

SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations. We interviewed Nicolas Duque, whose pronouns are he/him, about SAP’s work, Latin & Hispanic Heritage Month, and how they use Airtable.

Tell us more about SAP.

SAP recognizes we are living in an ever-faster changing world. In a world full of seismic social challenges, such as inequality and a warming planet, SAP acknowledges we need to be more than just a company that delivers technology products. We get involved intimately with our customers and their processes to understand better their needs and boost their processes end-to-end. We are the only one company in the world that touch each step of this value chain and we know that by helping our customers to thrive their processes to excellence we are transforming and improving not only industries, but also the lives of people around the world.

How does your organization use Airtable?

At the SAP Academy we are fully committed to deliver the best experience to our participants. To guarantee a smooth experience, we use Airtable as our planning tool. With the different Airtable features available we’ve successfully created a tool that helps us to handle our class logistics. Now with Airtable we can be more productive achieving more than we were doing previously.

What does Latin & Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

I think it’s great to feel that my culture and traditions are important in other parts of the world. It’s amazing to take a step back and see the impact of so many Latin & Hispanic figures in so many different areas of society like music, sports, medicine, education, art, culture and the list keeps going. Just to give you a quick example, the Colombian Mathematician Tatiana Toro was named the new director of the Mathematical Science Research Institute (MSRI) at UC Berkeley, and she will start her new position on August 1st, 2022. This is just one example among many that happen every day, and I feel very proud that Latin American people are representing us in the big stages around the world.

I also think Latin and Hispanic culture is starting to rise in the tech world. The number of Latin American tech-oriented startups is increasing every day, and they are rapidly increasing. As a young professional working in such a big company like SAP, I always try to bring joy, enthusiasm, passion and innovation every day and I think that’s what makes Latin & Hispanic workers stand out.

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