Investing in content operations

Investing in content operations

Our newest ebook helps teams produce better content, faster.

Your team’s snazzy new video series isn’t just the result of great content production—it’s the outcome of months of planning, resource allocating, and analyzing. In short, a piece of content is only as impactful as your content operations.

Today, 80% of marketing leaders say the volume of content and campaigns they have to produce has increased, and 75% of marketing leaders have expressed frustration with the amount of time it takes to ship content.

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We understand today’s pressure to produce high-quality content at a quickened rate, which is why we’ve created an ebook that breaks down content operations. Content operations are the group of processes and systems that drive your content marketing and production.

In our ebook, we define the working parts of a well-oiled content ops model, some of which include:

  • Project planning: Determine which projects are the most important for your business and when they’re needed.
  • Workload management: Identify the teams and individuals that best fit your project’s needs.
  • Generating performance insights: Learn what your audience is connecting with, and what you need to tweak.

We also offer three best practices you can use today to level up your team’s current content ops. Finally, we dive into the many benefits of investing in content operations, and how thriving companies like Red Bull Media and are harnessing their systems and processes to keep their content moving.

Ready to increase your content quality and output? Read our content production playbook, then chart out your content ops using Airtable’s features, from automations to custom views.

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