How to switch from spreadsheets to a database

How to switch from spreadsheets to a database

Our ebook lays out the limitations of spreadsheets and the benefits of converting your workflow to a database.

For teams seeking to display and organize information, a spreadsheet is the hammer of the toolbox; the go-to tool for documentation. But spreadsheets are notoriously limiting. At the end of the day, a spreadsheet can only relay numbers and text. When your work gets complicated, spreadsheets can be confusing to interpret and tedious to update.

As your team grows and your needs change, you deserve a tool that evolves with you. That’s why we created a handy ebook on switching from spreadsheets to a database, a more powerful tool that can handle your complex data and give your information structure.

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Our ebook identifies common roadblocks teams face when they try to use spreadsheets to track complex work and offers an alternative: databases. If that word sounds daunting, don’t worry—we break it down for you to show how the power of databases can be harnessed by teams of all sizes. While many appreciate the straightforward application of spreadsheets, databases have the flexibility and structure to manage complex workflows and keep teams aligned. Consider the database vs. spreadsheet debate settled.

And we know transitioning isn’t easy, which is why we give three concrete ways a database in Airtable can level up your workflow and make collaboration easier than ever before.

Here’s just a few of the many ways a database can upgrade your work:

  • Unique field types to visualize data: Airtable goes above and beyond numbers and text to bring your data to life. From photo attachments to color-coding to date fields, you have endless resources to visualize your projects.
  • Easy-to-use features to help you make quick decisions: In your team’s fast-paced environment, you don’t have time to bounce from tab to tab in a spreadsheet to analyze data. A database makes it easy to generate reports and uncover insights, quickly.
  • A single source of truth: Spreadsheets can make team members feel siloed and disconnected. A database holds all of your team’s information, and in Airtable, making a change in one field will automatically update your data everywhere else.

Upgrade the way you work today—read our ebook, then make the jump from spreadsheets to a database with Airtable in our webinar.

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