Announcing Airtable’s new integration with Miro
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Announcing Airtable’s new integration with Miro

This latest integration lets you connect your ideas directly to your base–so you can turn brainstorms into concrete plans.

A collaborative brainstorm session can make you feel like there’s nothing your team can’t accomplish. But oftentimes these big ideas never see the light of day, getting lost in the shuffle of day-to-day work.

Airtable’s latest integration with Miro, the online whiteboard platform, ensures there’s nothing stopping your team from turning collaborative brainstorms into reality.

You can now turn your Miro brainstorms into records that you can act on. Rack your brains on the next campaign journey before assigning tasks to marketing colleagues, or brainstorm new features with your product team and then plug everything into your roadmap.

Here’s how this integration can help teams move from ideation to execution with ease.

Save time with syncing

Brainstorming with teammates is often invigorating and electric. Rewriting and organizing all our teams’ thoughts afterward? Not so much.

You can cut down on manual work by syncing all of your team’s genius ideas straight to Airtable. Simply connect your Miro whiteboard to a new table and watch it populate.

Let’s say you manage a product team that wants to continue delivering high-quality products your customers will obsess about. Use Miro to collaborate on feature brainstorms, then sync everything into Airtable. You now have a series of brilliant ideas in your base that you can start breaking down into tangible tasks.

⚡ Pro tip: In Miro, you can use frames to organize groups of ideas by themes (like product phase or priority). This will create a single select field in your base, allowing you to easily group records.

Create alignment across workflows

Information can become outdated quickly, especially when teams are consistently working to achieve OKRs or launch new products.

Syncing ensures that everything in Miro also appears in Airtable, so everyone has access to the same, updated information. You can also sync at any time by clicking your table’s name and scrolling to “sync now,” so any changes made in Miro will update in your base.

Airtable’s integration with Miro is the latest win for connected apps. When you connect your work stages, you connect your people, helping everyone to achieve their best work, faster.

Connect your Miro account to your base now and turn those lightbulb moments into actionable tasks.

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