5 template ideas for serious hobbyists
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5 template ideas for serious hobbyists

This template roundup provides a starting point to nurture your passion.

When does a hobby stop being a hobby and become an obsession? When you find yourself needing a spreadsheet to stay organized.

Airtable templates make it easy to plug in your own data and customize the details, so it’s not a heavy lift to get organized around obsession. These five templates are terrific launching-off points for taking just about any hobby, from amateur hour to your life’s work.

Book Catalog Template

Keeping track of favorite books and new recommendations is a vexing endeavor for even the most diehard bibliophile.

This Book Catalog Template can be organized by author, book title, or rating. It can be viewed as a grid or in gallery view (for those who like to judge a book by its cover). And there’s room for your own personal notes as you read. Be sure to check off the “bought” and “read” columns as you go!

⚡  Pro tip: All Airtable templates can be customized to your exact usage habits and needs, and this one is no exception. Once you copy the base into your own library, you can add a column for “who recommended this to me,” filter books by fiction vs. memoir, or any customization that suits you.

Download a free Book Catalog Template

Favorite Coffee Brews Template

Have trouble keeping your single-origin beans of note straight from your favorite small-batch blends? If you know what this means, you must be a coffee connoisseur.

Loving coffee is a legitimate hobby, and if it’s yours, we invite you to get super serious about it with this Favorite Coffee Brews Template, which serves as a veritable journal of java highlights. Organize it by batch or roaster, and expand any record to note the type of bean, company of origin, or price.

Download a free Favorite Coffee Brews Template

Hiking Trip Bucket List Template

Hiking is an aspirational hobby, and you likely have dozens if not hundreds of trips you hope to make.

This Hiking Bucket List Template is the go-to place to collect future hikes and catalog past ones. Expand any record to see photos you’ve taken, notes you made, and any other nuance and nitpicky detail you want to hold onto. The best part? Since it’s on Airtable’s cloud-based relational database, you can take it with you when you trek.

⚡  Pro tip: Sharing your plans and adventures with others is half the fun. But you may only want to share some of your hikes. With Airtable, you can share your entire base with a close collaborator, or share only part of it with friends and random strangers. Here’s a quick video that breaks down how.

Download a free Hiking Trip Bucket List Template

Sneaker Collection Template

Did you know that the Maison Margiela Paint Splatter was modeled after the actual shoes worn by the German army during training exercises? Only if you’re a sneaker collector would this fascinating piece of trivia be on your radar.

To a collector, sneakers are pristine works of art. For this reason, there exists a Sneaker Collection Template to help you organize the kicks you have and the kicks you want. Organize it by model or style, and include a photo so you can, at a glance, check the heat on your feet.

⚡  Pro tip: With any Airtable base, you can filter records by fields. As you build a bigger and bigger list of sneakers, use the filter function to narrow your list to just high-tops, or only out-of-circulation classics kicks.

Download a free Sneaker Collection Template

Violin Lessons Template

Becoming a virtuoso takes skill, practice, and organization. The first two are up to you. But the third is made easy with this Violin Lessons Template, which includes views for violin pieces, lesson logs, a performance schedule, and an instrument wishlist.

Use it to organize your entire musical hobby in one easily accessible place. In fact, this template can be applied to learning any type of musical instrument, from the totem harp to the stylophone.

⚡  Pro tip: Using the attachment field, you can include the sheet music to each musical piece as a PDF that’s easy to access from any device, anywhere.

Download a free Violin Lessons Template

If you’re interested in creating your own database, try more of our premade templates, or sign up for Airtable below to make one all your own.

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