Track your work with progress bars
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Track your work with progress bars

Check the status of tasks and projects at a glance.

When working on a large-scale initiative or campaign, sometimes all you need is a glance from time to time to see how close you are to achieving your milestones.

With Airtable’s long-awaited progress bar, teams and leaders can get a quick, visual update on the status of their work.

What’s a progress bar?

The name “progress bar” says it all: it’s a visual that shows how you’re progressing against a predetermined goal.

We recommend you display a progress bar beside complex, mission-critical projects like campaigns and launches. This way, everyone from collaborators to executives can quickly understand the status of the project.

Create a progress bar with the percent field

In Airtable, you can generate a progress bar with any fields that are formatted as percentages.

The simplest way to set this up is with the percent field type. All you have to do is click the first toggle to turn your percentages into progress bars. Click the second toggle if you want to see the percentage number, too.

💡 Pro tip: If you’re a Pro or Enterprise user, you can customize your progress bars with conditional coloring. Display progress bars in various colors depending on the stage of completion–for example, you can color them a startling red if they sit below 25%, yellow for between 25 and 75%, and green for records nearing completion.

Create a progress bar with computed fields

Good news: if you’re using a formula, rollup, or lookup field, you can still format this more complex data as a percentage and toggle to a progress bar.

For example, if you’re tracking individual tasks and want to see how close you are to completing your deliverables, you can compute a rollup field that pulls your completed tasks into your deliverables table. Check off your tasks and watch as your progress bar changes to reflect your deliverable’s status.

Bring your data to life by adding a progress bar to your base or interface today.

Check out our Tool Tips series on YouTube for quick and helpful ways to use Airtable.

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