Staying agile with Airtable Enterprise Services
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Staying agile with Airtable Enterprise Services

Katie Lampe
Katie Lampe
No matter how your team, your company, or your industry changes, our team is here to support your needs—and build the workflows that help you meet them. Here's how.

When Equinox Media set out to launch new virtual fitness offerings for its members, the team knew they had an ambitious goal ahead of them. The launch of Equinox+ meant scheduling all-new classes, recruiting talented on-camera instructors, and filming engaging cinema-quality content, all brought together in a beautiful app-based experience. Equinox Media knew that the future of fitness was a hybrid of digital and physical experiences, so the team worked hard on the new Equinox+ app in 2019. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, things got even more challenging.

The pandemic shuttered gyms around the world, not to mention the facilities Equinox Media used to produce its virtual classes, creating a “forced trial of digital fitness,” according to Josh Rappaport, Director, Post-Production and Publishing at Equinox Media.

To take on this unprecedented challenge, Equinox Media turned to their Airtable partners. With support from the Airtable Enterprise Services team, Equinox Media was able to more efficiently deliver virtual fitness experiences, and keep its members moving from home.

Their Airtable solution made it possible to track, measure, optimize every step of their content production process. “We have a detailed understanding of the content supply chain process, including breakdowns, variables, and efficiencies,” says Rappaport. Since rolling out the solution, Equinox Media has automated their operations in a way that empowers their team with more time to be creative.

Members get an ever-evolving variety of exciting new online classes, while Equinox Media is able to make more data-driven decisions and constantly improve how it operates.

With the support of Airtable’s customer success and services teams, we were able to truly innovate—not just adapt—when we encountered unexpected shifts in our rapidly changing environment.
Josh Rappaport, Director, Post-Production and Publishing at Equinox Media

Stay ahead of the curve with Airtable Enterprise Services

Every organization, team, and workflow is unique. It’s why companies are increasingly turning to flexible platforms like Airtable, rather than rigid systems of the past. To maintain or develop the competitive advantage of agility, more than 250,000 organizations use Airtable’s no-code and low-code features to build customized solutions that are adaptable to their changing needs.

Although teams can get easily started with Airtable on their own, you can also leverage our Airtable Enterprise Services (included in the Airtable Enterprise plan) to take your solutions to the next level—as quickly as possible. Whether you’re brand new to Airtable or a seasoned Airtable creator, our experts can meet you where you are, and guide you in planning, building, adopting, and evolving your operations.

Together, combining your subject matter expertise with our operational know-how, we help you craft the solutions your team needs, rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all approach on your organization. Here’s what our services include:

  • Ongoing success program (Included in Airtable Enterprise): Every enterprise customer gets matched with a customer success manager. We’ll partner with your team to understand your goals and deliver tangible business benefits—whether it’s increasing output, reducing time spent, or taking down data silos—as quickly as possible. With regular business reviews, product trainings, and best practice guidance, we’ll be your hands-on partner at every step of your Airtable journey. We’ll also share access to a custom Airtable Learning Hub (filled with resources just for your organization), and invitations to attend Creator Network Events (Airtable-led forums for power users to share and learn from one another).
  • Professional services (Included in Airtable Enterprise): We offer consulting, implementation, and technical  guidance to guide you with building out your solution. Each Airtable solution starts off as a “base”, the foundation for additional automations, integrations, and visualizations. Through workflow consultations, base builds, base optimization calls, and base trainings, our implementation specialists and integration engineers partner to make sure you’re getting the maximum value out of your Airtable solution.
  • Add-on professional services: Airtable Enterprise comes with an allocated number of credits for base builds. But if you want to build even more in Airtable—or adapt an existing solution to new needs—you can also purchase extra professional services at any time.

A peek into our approach

Throughout our partnership, we empower you with the foundation you need to continue adapting your operations to future needs, navigate competitive pressures, and tackle new business initiatives. Our Enterprise Services take a four-step approach to helping your team become more agile:

  1. Plan: Your organization’s needs are unique, but we can meet you wherever you are to develop plans that will help you get to the next level and increase business impact.
  2. Build: Our experts will help you leverage Airtable’s no-code and low-code features to optimize your solution.
  3. Adopt: Change management is never easy, but we offer best practices, lead trainings, and share ideas on how to improve your team’s processes.
  4. Evolve: Our partnership doesn’t end after the initial rollout. Our team of in-house experts support you as your team, company, and industry changes.

Airtable Enterprise Services can meet you where you are

No matter how your team, your company, or your industry changes, our team is here to support your needs—and build the workflows that help you meet them. That’s why leading companies like Amazon, Equinox, Netflix, Time, Shopify, and more work with the Airtable Enterprise Services team to build agile workflows.

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