It’s time to let the builders build with Airtable Academy

It’s time to let the builders build with Airtable Academy

Welcome to your brand-new Learning Management System, available today for Enterprise customers.

Technology is a funny thing. On one hand, technology unlocks limitless possibilities across every aspect of our lives. It allows us to do crazy things like fly across the world in a matter of hours, or make mindblowing movies and video games. But, just as our dependence on technology has increased over the last hundred years, our ability to access and proactively use it to solve our own problems has declined. 

Our tools have gotten more complicated as they’ve become more specialized—and, in many organizations, technology is owned and operated by the few instead of the many. But this growing distance between people and tools is diminishing productivity at companies of all sizes—problems are solved fastest by the people actually facing them.

It turns out that technology—like a lot of tools—is more useful when everyone can use it.

Everyone knew how to operate a hammer

Hammers didn’t require an instruction manual or special two-week certification course. Hammers were universally understood. Software is not. Hammers could be wielded equally by everyone. Software couldn’t. With the rise of software as our dominant tool, we’ve grown more estranged from the very tools we created to empower ourselves in the first place.

Airtable wants to change this reality. The more that non-technical people understand how to use the Airtable platform, the more folks will have the tools they need to get their jobs done. It’s why today we’re putting the tools back in the hands of the doers; we’re giving the power back to the makers and the problem solvers.

Introducing the Airtable Academy

We built the Airtable Academy for one simple reason. To empower citizen developers and non-technical teams to build custom workflows and solve critical problems, without relying on overwhelmed IT departments or overtaxed engineering teams. After all, nobody knows more about how to get your job done than you.

Your new Academy features a huge catalog of self-paced, on-demand content, including:

  • More than a dozen courses on topics for both new and proficient users
  • Product quickstarts on things like Airtable AI and the Admin Panel
  • Role-based learning paths for end-users and builders
  • On-demand recordings of webinars, user guides

And, because nobody values a job well done more than the builders themselves, we’ve also launched the Airtable Builder Certification status badge. Now, power users can test their knowledge and skills and receive an official certification that they’ve passed the program. This is a badge for you to share with your networks and post on your LinkedIn to demonstrate your increased value as an employee who makes things happen. 

Airtable Academy is available right now to enterprise Airtable customers. 

You don’t have to be an engineer to build apps anymore

We think the people in the trenches should call the shots because nobody else has the same insights that you do. Just imagine what could be possible when a HR manager at a global investment firm, or when a product designer at a leading tech company, or when a production lead at a world-renowned entertainment group can finally design the way they work for themselves.

What if they could see a problem and immediately fix it, without relying on IT or clogging the builder backlog? It would be revolutionary. These newly empowered no-code technologists will solve problems quickly, identify and address inefficiencies more proactively, and get the right candidate, the right product, the next streaming hit to market faster than ever before.

Airtable encourages improvisation and human ingenuity. It’s a platform purposefully designed to be as flexible, and modular, and extensible as the various realities teams face daily. Now, with the Airtable Academy, every person, on every team, will be able to proactively solve problems and unlock new levels of efficiency and impact. 

After many months of building ourselves, we’re excited to invite enterprise customers to the Airtable Academy. Please, take a look around your shiny new e-learning and credentialing program. We can’t wait to see what you build.

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