How to start connecting your data in Airtable
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How to start connecting your data in Airtable

Want to create alignment throughout your org? Start by importing and syncing your data.

“Unify teams across the org” is an ambitious goal, but achievable when you begin with the basics: making sure everyone can access the same, up-to-date information.

In Airtable, you can start connecting work right away by importing data into a new table, or by syncing other bases and external platforms.

Import data from other tools

If your team has already started using a different platform, we have good news. Just import your data into Airtable.

You can import existing data at any time, but it’s often easier to do so when creating a new base or table. One of the easiest ways to import data is by uploading a CSV file using our CSV importer, but you can also import directly from external sources like Google Excel and Sheets by clicking the top of your base and connecting your account.

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Don’t need to funnel in hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of columns and rows? Easy: copy and paste the data from your spreadsheet.

> Import with copy and paste

Sync your data

Want to ensure the data you’re receiving from other workflows and teams is always up-to-date? Try Airtable Sync.

Syncing lets you connect a base (or external platform) to a (different) destination base. Any changes made to the source data are automatically reflected in the destination base. We recommend using Sync to surface key work from partners that may be working from their own base or platform, like Box or Google Calendar.

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There are three ways to set up a sync, including:

  • Single source sync: Sync a single base or platform to your destination base in Airtable.
  • Multi-source sync: Sync several data sources to your destination base.
  • Two-way sync: Enterprise users can sync two bases or interfaces that update both ways, so an update to one will update the other–no matter which base it is.

> Create a two-way sync

With Airtable, creating company-wide alignment isn’t a far-off dream–it’s a reality you can make possible with the right first steps. Create connection between your teams by connecting their work to one place.

Check out our Tool Tips series on YouTube for quick and helpful ways to use Airtable.

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