How to organize your cast and crew with one email

No matter the size of your production team, tracking and wrangling cast and crew can become a nightmarish chore if you let details like dietary restrictions or scheduling conflicts slip through the cracks. With Airtable, you can take a more visual approach to cast and crew management and let everyone enter all their information for you.

A simple roster with awesome features

The embedded Airtable base above demonstrates a simple structure you can use to track both your cast and crew. With a single select field, you can easily separate each person by type. In the example, you only need three choices: cast, background (extras), and crew. You can create additional options or just stick with these ones—but either way, a separate field for each person’s specific role adds that extra layer of detail while letting the the aforementioned type field make categorical sorting a breeze.

You likely have headshots you can upload to an attachment field for your actors, but pictures of crew help a lot as well because you can create a basic visual directory of everyone on set. If anyone forgets a name, they can simply consult the Airtable base for cast and crew.

Of course, adding a gallery view makes for a much nicer layout in this context.

The example base also includes fields for notes, phone numbers, and email addresses, but you can track far more information if you’d like. Add another attachment field for resumes, a URL field for actor/crew web sites, a single or multiple select field for dietary restrictions, or date fields to note availability. Track as much as you need, because you just have to manage it and avoid entering all that information yourself.

Put an end to data entry

You don’t have to enter any cast and crew information that each person can enter themselves. Airtable has fantastic forms that you can send to anyone to add a new record to the Cast and Crew table.

One example of an Airtable form. You can distribute forms with a share link or embed them into web pages.

Once you have your people finalized, just grab the form share link and send it to the team. Once they’ve all filled it out, you can add any notes or simply sit back and admire how you organized your entire cast and crew by sending one email.

The sample base in this article includes a form for you to send along. If you want to give it a try in your own account, just make a copy and have fun!