How to find the last update in a table
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How to find the last update in a table

Keep your team on the same page by tracking your base’s latest updates.

When you’re on a fast-moving team, it’s easy to gloss over the fact that one of your tasks has been sitting in the “to do” stage for some time.

Timestamps are a great way to catch these slip-ups and ensure everyone is updated on any changes that have been made. Knowing that a task hasn’t been touched in a few weeks, for example, can help you flag it and bring it up in the next team meeting. That’s why we’ve made it easy to see when something was last modified in a base.

In this step-by-step video, Becky from our product marketing team shows how you can add a field to an existing base to see your team’s latest updates. By adding a “last modified time” field type, you can track the exact date and time a specific field or entire record was last changed. We even show you how to create a new view that can filter for all updates made in the last week...or any period of time.

Adding timestamps to your workflow keeps everyone on the same page—and cuts down on the number of 🤔 emojis in your Slack channel.

Check out our support article for more information on adding a last modified time field.

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