Airtable templates to upgrade your product roadmap: from user research to launch calendar (and everything in between)
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Airtable templates to upgrade your product roadmap: from user research to launch calendar (and everything in between)

Part of our ongoing templates and best practices series.

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Product managers wear a million hats, making it hard to track all the moving pieces. Fortunately, with Airtable, you and your team can ideate, organize, and execute on your ambitious product vision in a single place: we’ve got templates for every step in the product development process.

User Studies

You can’t make a product that people want to use without talking to your users. Use our User Studies template to schedule user interviews and keep track of feature requests. Centralizing all your studies in one place streamlines your work and makes it easier to identify trends, prioritize, and take action quickly.

Want to see how this works in practice? Discover how Tomer Sharon and the UX team at WeWork nuggetize their UX research to glean actionable insights from their customer interviews, or check out how the Zapier user research team uses Airtable to automate their UX research and close the customer feedback loop.

Agile Product Planning

Agile product development means taking an adaptive and iterative approach toward software development: spending less time worrying about specific processes and tools, and more time continuously developing working software. A flexible and endlessly customizable tool like Airtable is especially helpful for an agile approach, when adapting to changes on the fly is of the utmost importance.

Be sure to check out the different views for each table in this template: in the Stories table, for example, there’s a form view that can be used to quickly and easily add a new story to the list.

See how Automatic Labs used Airtable to create and manage their own custom agile product management system.

Product launch calendar

Building a product is only half the battle: to be an effective product manager, you also need to be able to manage your product’s lifecycle, from ideation to launch. With this product roadmap template, you can get a high-level view of the timeline for your product plan.

Seamlessly switch to a calendar view to see all your milestones, deadlines, and launch dates arranged by date. (You can find the full list of pre-built views by clicking the view switcher showing “All Features” below.)

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Bug & Issue Tracker

Managing issues has never been easier! Keep your quality assurance and development teams on the same page with this template for bug and defect tracking. Unlike more rigid purpose-built issue tracking products, it’s easy to customize this template to fit your unique internal system. Need to track issues by platform or version number, or add due dates to issues? Just add a new field (or several.)

Submitting bug reports is simple with a form that feeds directly into your base. Delegate and prioritize bugs with just a couple of clicks.

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Just as in the other templates, the Bug & Issue tracker comes with a number of pre-built views to help you visualize your information in different ways. The kanban view in particular can be useful for visually managing the pipeline of bugs as they move through each stage of the triage process.

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